Multifunctional Water Bottle with Spray Function & Lights Drinking Reminder

  • $29.99
  • Save $7.13

🍼 We live in a hot state and my kids often forget to drink... This is one of our favorite summer products. 

🍼 This 3 IN 1 super fun water bottle works in three ways: 

- Water Bottle XL (400ml) 

- Mist Spray To Keep Refreshed and Cool (60ml) 

- Drinking Reminder Every 2 Hours (With USB cable)

🍼 Features: 

- Portable Sport Bottle with lights and humidifier function

- Mist Spray Function: Ultrasonic Nano Spray

- Drinking Reminder: Long press the light button to open the reminder, and 2 hours later, the blue LED light will go on to remind you that it's time to drink.

- Emergency Light Function: Press the light button once to open the white LED light and press again to turn on the red LED emergency light. Perfect to carry when camping, hiking or travelling. 


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