3D Moon Lamp (Diff. Sizes!!)

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🌕 A way to reach for the stars!!

After a long day, we sometimes just want to relax... turn off the lights...exhale the long day and watch the moon... 

Now I found a way to bring the moon even closer. We light the 3D moon lamp and enjoy the beauty of the moon in our home.

🌕 Details

Rechargeable lithium ion battery.
Battery lasts about 8-30 hours depending on brightness.

🌕 How To Use: 

At the bottom of the Moon, where the USB charges, the metal ring also acts as a Touch Sensor. One tap turns the Moon ON, one more tap changes the color tone from White to Yellow, the last tap will turn the Moon OFF. To Dim the Moon, just hold the metal ring and the light will adjust to the brightness you like!

🌕  3D Moon Lamp Includes:

- Moon Lamp

- USB Charging Cable 

- Wooden Stand


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